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Termishield Protects Homes From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for being annoying and difficult to treat. Their small size allows them to go unnoticed as they hitchhike onto your clothes and into your home. The bumps and bites they leave behind can keep you up at night. Once inside your home they’ll never leave on their own and the problem will only get worse.

If your home has come under attack by bed bugs, or you’re afraid that you may have a bed bug problem, don’t hesitate to call Termishield for a free inspection. We’ll apply our specialized treatment to eliminate any bed bugs in your home. Don't let the bed bugs bite with Termishield.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Process

a pest control service technician inspecting a bedroom for bed bugs inside of a home in mishawaka indiana

The pest control experts at Termishield remain devoted to adopting and developing state-of-the-art strategies for eliminating pests as efficiently as possible. We have developed a specialized proprietary bed bug treatment method to service our customers.

While the national average failure rate for bed bug treatments is 25%, the team at Termishield has developed their own state-of-the-art bed bug treatment method boasting a 99.9% success rate. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction, Termishield also offers a four-month bed bug warranty from the date of your initial service.

At Termishield, our bed bug treatment follows a five-step process:

1. Inspection

One of our trained pest control specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your home for any live bed bugs as well as for the evidence they leave behind. If the specialist detects bed bug activity, he or she will be able to explain their findings to you before helping you understand your treatment options and providing you a service proposal.

2. Service Preparation

Prior to treatment date, the property owner or manager will need to prepare the property for treatment. Properly preparing your home for a bed bug treatment is critical in order to eliminate the problem completely.

3. Initial Bed Bug Treatment

Your technician will implement Termishield’s proprietary bed bug control treatment method, eliminating any eggs, nymphs, or adult bed bugs caught in the application area. Whether they’re in the bed, the furniture, or under the flooring, bed bugs have no escape.

4. Second Bed Bug Treatment

Two weeks after your initial treatment, a technician will return and perform an assessment and repeat treatment.

5. Final Bed Bug Treatment

Two weeks after the second treatment, a technician will return again to perform a final treatment on your home. Congratulations, your bed bug problem is a thing of the past!

Don’t Lose Another Night’s Sleep!

Termishield is the local bed bug specialist for residents in our service area. We know our community well and have worked hard to develop an excellent system for eliminating the bugs that are keeping them up at night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite - contact us today to schedule your free bed bug inspection!


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