It is the middle of the night. You wake up feeling itchy. You scratch your leg only to find that there are dozens of tiny welts all over your ankles. You turn on the lights and much to your dismay, you realize the worst has happened — you have a bed bug infestation in your home.

Bed bugs are perhaps one of the most distressing of bugs to find in your home. They are loathed for their ability to keep those who try to sleep awake, tossing and turning, itchy and exhausted. In a desperate attempt to regain normalcy, many homeowners take bed bug eradication into their own hands. Unfortunately, getting rid of bed bugs isn’t as simple as washing your bedding and cleaning your floors. Bed bugs are capable of living through most homeowners’ attempts at regaining control.

For this reason, it is vital that you call in a professional for help the moment you first discover bed bugs in your home. Check out the following reasons why professional help is a must.

#1: Bed Bugs Can Live In Crevices, Cracks, And Unreachable Places

If you find a few bed bugs in your actual bed or on a piece of furniture, your first thought might be to simply kill those bugs, clean the area, and go on. However, odds are good that if you see a bed bug in your bed, you have thousands more elsewhere. They are masters at hiding in cracks, crevices, and unreachable places. This makes it hard for you to even know how many bugs are in your home, much less how many eggs they have already laid. Cleaning what is visible will not be enough.

#2: Over The Counter Products Don’t Succeed

Once you find a bed bug, you might run to the store looking for a product to kill them all. Unfortunately, over the counter products that claim to kill bed bugs can only do part of the job. They will usually leave behind eggs and bugs hidden in unnoticed places. Not only that, but they feature harsh chemicals that aren’t safe for the family.

#3: Bed Bugs Can Subsist Without Food For Long Periods Of Time

Did you know? Bed bugs can live around five months without food. For this reason, it isn’t practical to try to starve them out. They will carry on living happily without your presence. The moment food returns, they will feast again.

#4: Your Infestation Can Quickly Spread

One of the top reasons you need to call a professional the moment you discover bed bugs in your home is because your infestation can quickly spread. If you live in an apartment complex, your bed bugs can wind up transferring to the apartments around you. If you visit any family or friends, bed bugs can hitch a ride in your bags and spread to the homes of others.

#5: Fast Action Will Save You Money

The longer you wait to call a professional for help, the worse your situation will become. If you catch an infestation early on, the bed bugs can be eradicated quickly. If you wait too long, you will wind up needing to get rid of belongings and the process of termination will be much more costly.

If you find bed bugs in your home, contact us right away. We can assist you with bed bug treatment in South Bend.