When it comes to pests in your home, you want to ensure they are kept to a minimum. However, for many homeowners, the thought of utilizing harsh chemicals in the home is not ideal. So what do you do if you want to retain an eco-friendly environment that is safe for you and your family but doesn’t allow pests to take up residence alongside you? The answer is that you implement tactics that help reduce pests in the home without the use of harmful chemicals.

Check out these top tips for decreasing pests in your home and talk to us about our eco-friendly pest control in South Bend.

#1: Seal Up Your Home

One very simple and entirely eco-friendly method for keeping pests out of your home is to get rid of any methods of entry. If you know you have gaps under doors, aging weather stripping, or weak points in your attic or basement, take the time to seal up these locations. Pests will see any small crevice or crack as an invitation to your home.

Even rodents, such as mice, can easily make their way through holes the size of a quarter. By investing some time and money in sealing your home, you can keep pests from ever entering your abode in the first place, saving you from the use of harsh chemicals.

#2: Keep Clutter To A Minimum

How cluttered is your home? Are your basement and attic a pile of boxes and random junk? If so, take some time to organize and get rid of unnecessary items. Clutter is a great way to attract pests who will see these items as perfect locations for a cozy home.

Not only should you keep clutter inside your home to a minimum, but you should also do so outside of your home. Clutter in your yard or outbuildings will also contribute to attracting pests to the area.

#3: Clean Your Home Daily

How often do you sweep your floors, vacuum, and clean up the kitchen? If you put off these chores and don’t get around to them more than once a week, you could be building the perfect home for unwanted guests. Cleaning your home every day, even if it is just a quick sweep and doing the dishes, goes a long way in preventing pests from creating a home. Getting rid of cobwebs, removing food from your sink and counters, and other simple measures takes away the things pests need to reside in your home.

Food particles, dusty dark corners, and other grime can turn into the perfect place for pests to feed, live, and breed. Utilize eco-friendly cleaning products and keep your home in clean condition.

#4: Put Your Pets On Flea Prevention

Do you have dogs or cats living in your home? If so, they can be the cause of pests in your house. Dogs and cats are particularly prone to bringing fleas into your home. Be sure that you speak with your vet about the right flea prevention for y

#5: Contact A Professional At The First Sign Of Trouble

Finally, if you wind up with pests of any kind in your home, contact a professional for help right away. Not all companies utilize eco-friendly pest removal methods, but here at Termishield, we do. We will help you rid your home of unwanted guests through eco-friendly pest control in South Bend.