Let us set the scene for you — it’s a chilly, snowy evening in early December. The holiday season is in full-swing, and you are in the kitchen making you and your loved ones cups of creamy hot cocoa to cozy up by the fire with. As you make your way over to the couch, you are frightened by the sight of a mouse zooming across the room, almost causing you to spill your cups of hot cocoa all over the room. It went from what was supposed to be a cozy, relaxing evening to a frantic mess of trying to capture this mouse. You are now standing on chairs with a broom, swatting around underneath the couch or other furniture to try and get this mouse out. Worst case scenario — you end up not being able to find the mouse and spend the rest of your evening worrying if and when it will zoom across the room again.

This situation happens very frequently — but lucky for you, it can also be very easily avoided with the use of our prevention techniques that we will be going over in today’s blog. If something similar to this scenario has already happened to you, our expert team of pest control and extermination experts at Termishield would be more than happy to assist you with rodent-proofing your home for good.

Guard entry points

First things first — you are going to want to eliminate rodent access to your home by sealing any openings that are larger than one-quarter inch, as mice and rats are very adept at squeezing through tiny spaces. Openings like these can be hidden in your attic or basement, so be sure to check around these areas as well. You will also want to examine spots where pipes enter your home and fill them with mesh and caulk if there are any. And whatever you do, don’t forget your chimney — mice and rats are great climbers!

Tidy up any clutter

Rodents thrive in areas that provide plenty of hiding spots, such as cluttered rooms. By simply tidying up any clutter around your home (especially in quieter spots such as basements, garages, and attics where mice typically like to hang out), you are more likely to keep unwanted pests such as mice and rats at bay. Rodents also enjoy laying their nests in quiet, cluttered areas, as they are more likely to go unseen and undisturbed. If you come across any rodents or nests within clutter that you are cleaning and are nervous to take care of it yourself, our pest control team at Termishield is happy to help!

Clean up any food and food crumbs

Mice get hungry just like we do. Without access to plants and meat in the wild, mice need to find a way to fuel themselves while living in your home. Keep your countertops and other surfaces throughout your home clear of food and food crumbs/residue, and ensure all of your food is sealed away in containers to prevent easy rodent access. Also, remember to keep dog and cat food sealed up as well, as this is an often overlooked attractant of mice and rats. Many rodents such as rats and mice are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything.



Incorporating these rodent-proofing techniques into your home will greatly decrease your chances of having to deal with an invasion this winter — saving you time, money, and potential cups of hot cocoa. If you do discover a rodent scampering around your home or think you might hear one in your walls or floorboards, you will want to contact a pest control professional in South Bend to help eliminate them from your home in a natural, safe, eco-friendly manner. Happy holidays!