As the temperatures begin to drop and the snow starts creeping in, outdoor creatures are looking for a warm place to call home for the chilly months ahead. Animals like rodents, spiders, and roaches (to name a few) are all in search of a cozy haven, and your home is the perfect spot for them to hang out. But they aren’t paying rent, so you probably want to give them the boot. In today’s blog, we will be talking about three different pests that enjoy invading homes during the winter months, how to spot them, and some tips and tricks for prevention and treatment of the problem. If you notice any of these or other pests in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our pest control professional team at Termishield in South Bend today for assistance.


Yes — the dreaded spider. Although they are often seen in homes during the winter, their reason for invasion is not to escape the cold. Spiders are cold-blooded, meaning they can stay alive just fine during the winter months. They are equipped with an antifreeze-like substance that helps keep them alive and resist freezing. They also instinctively know to seek shelter in natural hiding spaces inside of logs or under leaves when the snow covers the ground. So when they do end up in your home, it is most likely by accident — as their intent was to find shelter and meandered their way into quiet, dark areas of your home. In order to minimize the likelihood of spiders invading your home, we recommend natural pest control remedies such as:

  • Using a natural mixture of vinegar and water to spray on cracks and crevices in your home
  • Rub lemon or orange peels on floorboards and window sills
  • Consider getting a cat that will hunt and eat spiders


Whether it’s a startling furry little flash across your living room or the sound of little scratches in your floorboards, mice intrusions are never enjoyable (unless you were wanting a pet mouse to have around the house). Mice typically look for a hiding spot from the cold in quiet spaces within your home, such as in the attic or basement. Places like these are also where mice set up nests that could likely go unnoticed for months — which is why it is important to contact your local pest control professionals before your singular house mouse creates a full-blown army that is more difficult to exterminate and clean up after. Check out our blog about rodent-proofing your home for winter to get some tips and tricks to keep the mice out this winter.


Most species of roaches hibernate during the winter, so when the temperatures begin to drop, they will search for a safe haven to keep them alive and warm. While some species of cockroaches find a warm spot and go into a deep, hibernation sleep, some remain active and mate during the winter. These creepy crawlers typically opt for warm, moist areas, such as boiler rooms, basements, and near wet floor drains and water heaters. Your best bet for preventing these unsightly creatures from invading your home is to use the aid of a professional insect pest control service to treat your home from the inside out to prevent these unwanted pests from invading your cozy home.

While there are several other pests that could attempt to invade your home during the chilly winter months, these three are definitely ones to keep an eye out for. Some other common winter intruders are ants, rats, squirrels, termites, and fleas. Contact Termishield in South Bend today for quick and affordable pest control services, and save the surprises for the holidays — not from the startle factor of unwanted pests roaming throughout your home.