Spring is an exciting time of the year — the days get warmer, the sun is out for longer, and you can finally spend time outdoors without needing to wear three layers and a parka. With this beautiful warm weather also comes increased activity for most creatures — including pests. In the spring, pests emerge from being dormant all winter long and are ready to reproduce and wreak their havoc on your home or yard if you don’t stop them. Luckily, knowing what pests to keep an eye out for can go a long way in preventing damage from pests this coming spring, and Termishield is your go-to pest control company if you need more help. Here are five common pests you will want to be on the lookout for this coming spring.

1. Termites

Termites are social insects that form colonies. Colonies can range in size from two termites (a king and a queen) to a million or more. So while a single termite is tiny, a colony of millions can cause serious damage to your home. They feel on the cellulose that is found in wooden items, and are on the hunt for new areas to inhabit in the spring. It is crucial to have your home inspected and treated early enough in the season in order to prevent any property damage.

2. Fleas

Fleas are another pest that becomes active in the springtime. Fleas suck blood from their hosts, which typically end up being dogs and cats, but they can also make a meal out of human blood as well. Not only can a flea infestation in your home be frustrating, it can also be extremely difficult to control and eliminate on your own due to the fact that reproduce at an exceptionally quick rate. To keep you and your furry friends safe from these pesky blood suckers, have your home inspected and treated as soon as you start to notice any signs.

3. Spiders

Another pest that becomes active in the spring is the spider. While spiders can be downright terrifying to some, they actually help with eating bugs that can wreak havoc on our yards. While most spiders like to hide, they often end up in places where they shouldn’t be — in our homes. Most spiders are harmless to humans, but there are venomous varieties such as black widows and brown recluses that are commonly found in Indiana. If you are noticing an increase in the amount of spiders crawling about your home this spring, contact your local team of pest control pros for treatment services to have them removed immediately.

4. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are known to be the most common household pest in Indiana, and are the largest pest ant in the United States. They tunnel themselves through wooden structures in order to form galleries and “roads” that lead to their nests. While they aren’t dangerous to humans, they can wreak some serious havoc on your home. Spring is the prime time to keep an eye out for carpenter ants, as they send out swarmers to reproduce and begin colonies, similar to termites.

5. Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees make their hives inside of wood rather than eating it. They burrow holes into unfinished wood, which can cause serious damage to homes, sheds, decks, and other wooden structures. These bees can also be very aggressive, and are known to sting people when they feel as though they have been disturbed or threatened. If you notice any hives around your home this Spring, you will want to call pest control services in order to prevent structural damage and potential injury from bee stings.

6. Millipedes

These creepy-crawlers can grow more than 200 legs and love making their way into the damp, dark spaces of your home. While these unsightly creatures are not harmful, they can release a foul-smelling liquid that can cause skin irritation if they feel threatened. They occasionally migrate in large numbers, which can make them difficult to control if you come across them in or around your home. If you notice these little guys hanging out at your place this spring, our eco-friendly pest control pros would be happy to help escort them out.

7. Brown Ticks

While ticks are mainly found outdoors, brown tick infestations are not uncommon. Ticks have the potential to carry numerous blood-borne diseases that can be harmful to those bitten, such as Lyme Disease. If you find several brown ticks on yourself, your pets, or anywhere throughout your home, be sure to call a professional pest control professional immediately so help prevent you and your loved ones from potential diseases.

8. Cockroaches

If you come across a cockroach in your home, you can be sure that there are many more than you haven’t yet seen. Once cockroaches move into your home, they are difficult to remove — which is why it is crucial to have pest control treatment performed before the issue gets out of hand. You can help prevent these pests from coming in by making your home less attractive to them — eliminate any sources of food, clean up after meals, store your food in sealed off packaging, and take out the trash often. You may even want to clean out leftover pet food in bowls when your pets have finished eating if you want to be extremely thorough.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year — don’t let pests take the fun out of it for you. If you notice any signs of these creatures roaming in your home or yard, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Termishield in South Bend today. With years of experience in extermination, we can handle even the toughest of infestations.