Do you need help with termite control in South Bend or a surrounding location? We can help. We understand how pesky these troublesome visitors can be and we are equipped to handle termite extermination.

Know the signs of termite damage

Be proactive in spotting any damage to your property:

– Pencil-sized diameter – or larger – mud tubes running across bare concrete or masonry, between soil, and in any wooden parts of your building

– Thin, small, and papery wings – all the same size and shape – on your window sill, countertop or floors

– Thin, bubbled, or distorted areas of paint or wood surfaces that feel cool to the touch

Let Termishield take the lead

When you see signs of termite damage, Termishield should be your first and last call. Prevent costly damage to your home or office with the right termite prevention.

At Termishield, we know that every situation is unique. This is why trained technicians are ready to customize and personalize every job, no matter how important.

What are you waiting for? Solve your termite problems today! Contact us for assistance with termite control in South Bend.