How To Prevent Bed Bug Problems In Your South Bend Home


How To Prevent Bed Bug Problems In Your South Bend Home

Bed bugs are a nationwide problem, and Indiana is no exception. These biting pests need hosts to obtain regular blood meals, and they will invade any home they can find, regardless of cleanliness, to find them. As the problem worsens, so will your bites and sleepless nights.

Preventing bed bugs from taking over can seem daunting, but it is possible with the right strategies. Read on as the Termishield experts explain when bed bugs are most active, why prevention is essential, and share five tips to keep these biting insects at bay. If you are dealing with an infestation, professional pest control in South Bend is critical to ending it swiftly.

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When Are Bed Bugs Active Around South Bend?

Year-round, bed bugs tend to be most active during the spring and summer months when the days are long and hot and humidity levels are high. Not only is this weather best for them, but these are also times when people travel more.

Still, there is no 'safe' season with these invaders. Any home can end up with an infestation, even in the winter. For this reason, bed bug prevention is essential.

Why Bed Bug Prevention Is Important

Bed bug prevention is important because no one is safe from bed bugs, and an infestation can take hold anytime. Additionally:

  • Bed bugs reproduce quickly, and a few can become entire infestations in no time.

  • Bed bugs are challenging to exterminate, but even more so if the issue has been going on for a while.

  • Bed bugs are not fun, as they cause painful, itchy bed bug bites that can become infected and ruin sleep quality.

Fortunately, the following five tips can help keep bed bugs out of your home effectively.

Five Tips To Help You Prevent Bed Bugs

We recommend these five tips for natural pest control for bed bugs to homeowners who want to lower their need for potential treatments:

  • Don't bring in secondhand items: Used clothes can be a great way to save money, and antique furniture can be just the thing to add charm to your home. Unfortunately, they can also come with these bothersome hitchhikers.

  • Wash used clothes at high temperatures: Bed bugs and their eggs are very susceptible to heat. If you have items that might be contaminated, running them through a hot wash and dry cycle can be all you need to eliminate them, provided that they aren't present elsewhere.

  • Vacuum and declutter often: These tiny invaders can hide anywhere, but carpet fibers are a favorite spot after bedding. Vacuuming can help remove them if you are thorough and dispose of the debris safely.

  • Avoid staying at hotels: Staying clear of hotels is best, but it is not always possible. We recommend inspecting the bed, keeping your suitcase off the carpet, and washing everything as soon as you return home.

  • Schedule regular inspections: A professional pest control inspection can be all you need to spot the early stages of an infestation and is key to swift and easy treatments.

If an infestation takes hold and you need more, professional treatments are the best way to eliminate these pests for good.

Why Professional Treatment Is Essential For Bed Bugs

Professional bed bug control treatments are essential to eliminating bed bugs because DIY strategies are not potent enough. 

At Termishield, our state-of-the-art bed bug treatment method has a 99.9% success rate, exceedingly better than the national 25% failure rate. We also offer a four-month bed bug warranty and free initial bed bug consultation.

Call us today to learn more about our strategies, including initial, second, and final treatments, and get started with the top-rated bed bug control in South Bend!

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