The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your South Bend Home


The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your South Bend Home

South Bend may be the pride of Indiana (at least in our humble opinion), but property owners in our city have to deal with pest issues just like everyone else. And even though South Bend obviously has the nicest, cleanest, most well-run houses in all the land, we’re sadly not impervious to bed bugs. You see, bed bugs in South Bend don’t care if you live in a nice clean house. As long as you have blood they can feed on, they’ll stick around if they find a way in. Most disturbing, however, is how easily they can get in (and how much trouble they can cause once they are).

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World-Traveling Vampires

Have you ever wondered how bed bugs get into homes? Most people think that bed bug infestations only occur in cluttered houses or when homeowners don’t wash the sheets often. However, bed bug infestations can happen to anyone. With a unique clinginess, bed bugs will climb into almost anything to hitch a ride into a house.

Things bed bugs can get into includes shoes, clothing, pets, and luggage. When you’re traveling, it can be very easy to pick up bed bugs along the way, whether it’s from a hotel or from a fellow traveler’s bag. All it takes is one chance for bed bugs to climb into your bag and they’ll be within your home in no time.

Furthermore, bed bugs will attach themselves to any used furniture you buy, even if it’s office chairs or appliances from places that don’t even have beds. If you’re bringing in previously-owned furniture items, make sure to check them thoroughly for signs of bed bugs. An infested piece of furniture may bear the following signs:

  • Musty-odors
  • Rust-colored excrement
  • Bloodstains from feeding

If any secondhand furniture has these signs, do not bring it into your home. It doesn’t take very much time at all for bed bugs to move from one piece of furniture to the rest of your house, so an infestation can spread rapidly.

Bed Bug Health Threats

There are a variety of reasons why you don’t want to incur a bed bug infestation in South Bend, but the health hazards are the most concerning. While experts have never been able to link bed bugs with any sort of disease transmission, these nightly attacks can take a toll on your health. Waking up to itchy, red bumps is never fun, especially when it’s night after night. In a prolonged infestation, your skin can be damaged over time from rashes and scratching.

Plus, imagine trying to fall asleep with the knowledge that you’ll be fed on once you doze off. This causes insomnia in many bed bug-ridden households, and the effects of sleep deprivation can last long after bed bugs are eradicated.

Eradication Frustrations

The other reason you don’t want to incur a bed bug infestation in your home is because of how difficult they are to get rid of. Many people think they can get rid of bed bugs on their own by vacuuming and spraying the infested furniture. However, these remedies only kill the top layer of pests.

When the infestation is severe, there are hundreds more beg bugs and their eggs lying deep within the cushions and in other places waiting to repeat the cycle all over again. Instead of wasting your time and money on home remedies that just lead to repeated attacks and frustration, go with the solution that can get rid of bed bugs for good. Contact Termishield at the first sign of bed bugs.

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