Should I Be Worried About American Cockroaches In My South Bend, IN Home?


Should I Be Worried About American Cockroaches In My South Bend, IN Home?

If you ever see pests around your South Bend home, take action. Insects and creatures can bring destruction in a short period. Some annihilate structures or personal items. Others might injure you with stings, bites, and scratches. Many can transmit disease or distribute illness-triggering germs. Lots are capable of all of this. Should the pest at hand reproduce fast, the extent of the disaster can be wide. Cockroaches are a nightmare for several of the aforementioned reasons.

There are multiple species of cockroaches. The American subtype is especially difficult to manage or avoid because they often violate domiciles. It’s easy for them to get indoors, and they gather in hard-to-reach spots. Learn more about their behavior and risks and how Termishield can help you tackle them.

an american cockroach crawling on a kitchen tile floor

How Do American Cockroaches Operate? What Are the Dangers?

American cockroaches are all over the United States, even though they aren’t native to the country. Once they have fully matured, they are 3 inches long and reddish-brown or mahogany. They can fly short distances, thanks to their pair of wings. A yellow mark that looks like the number eight sits behind their heads.

Flourishing best in settings that are damp and warm, American cockroaches prefer to be outdoors. Hoards of them will be by trees,  flowerbeds, gardens, mulch, and sewers. If they are short on food and/or water, your home will be their next target. They will find holes in doors, windows, and foundations to enter through. Considering what factors allow them to feel comfortable and thrive, you can expect to see them in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.

Major infestation signs are: 

  • Droppings: These cockroaches have turds with blunted ends and ridges. Pellets will be left in laundry rooms, kitchens, and basements.
  • Eggs: Eggs or casings are liable to be close to droppings. They also might be found under appliances and in cabinets and stored items. Shells are usually brown, with hints of red and black.
  • Odors: The communication chemicals and secretions these bugs produce are musty-smelling. 

Cockroaches of every species are a threat to health because they can taint food and surfaces. Bacterial cells are on their bodies and in their urine, feces, and saliva. Totaling the microbes would be impossible. In addition to all of this, they catch more germs from the gross environments they spend time in. For example, dumpsters, streets, and piping. Their leg spines tack to everything.

In the event cockroaches have contact with meals or counters, contamination will occur. Salmonella, gastroenteritis, and other conditions may be contracted. The same applies to viruses and pathogens. Asthma and allergy complications can arise with exposure to the dead skin and carcasses of cockroaches. The American subspecies are known for damaging fabrics and paper. 

Is There a Way to Prevent American Cockroaches?

Do these things to fend off American cockroaches and other classes:

  • Patch up openings in utilities, doors, windows, and foundations.
  • Have leaks and moisture glitches fixed immediately
  • Attach sweeps to all exterior doors.
  • Trim grass and greenery regularly.    
  • Place plants and flowers at least two feet away from the property.
  • Use airtight containers for food and trash storage.  
  • Vacuum, take out the garbage, and wash the dishes often.

How Will Termishield Handle American Cockroaches?

Depending on retail insecticides to address cockroach infestations isn’t a wise idea. These avenues really aren’t designed for long-term effects or broad elimination. At best, just a few individual bugs will die. Another issue with the items is that they can be noxious. We at Termishield have safe interior and exterior solutions for home cockroach control that are industrial-grade. Botanical-based natural treatments are available through our Green Choice program. Cockroaches will be gone. Call today for a free inspection! 

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