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Effective Residential Pest Protection

As a homeowner, your home is your most important investment. Don’t leave it at risk from harmful pests. Trust the local pest professionals here at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection to keep you, your family, and your residential property protected from our area's toughest pests.


Our Residential Pest Control Offerings

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Shield Advantage

Shield Advantage is our streamlined service package designed to keep homeowners safe against invasive pests. Our Advantage plan protects your home from 24 of the most common damaging and dangerous pests including the following:

Acrobat ants, carpenter ants, citronella ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants

American cockroaches and wood cockroaches

Camel crickets, field crickets, and mole crickets

Occasional Invaders
Boxelder bugs, centipedes, earwigs, firebrats, millipedes, pill bugs, silverfish, and sow bugs

House mice and Norway rats

Cellar spiders, house spiders, jumping spiders, and wolf spiders

Shield Premier

Covering 50 pests, Shield Premier service offers homeowners added protection against the insects that seek to get inside. In addition to treating all the pests covered in our Advantage package, this service package also includes specialty services, such as exterior rodent prevention and one-time mosquito treatment, to help homes already suffering a pest infestation. Shield Premier service provides effective protection against rodents, cockroaches, stinging insects, and other harmful home invaders

Our Premier service plan covers all of the 24 pests listed in our Advantage plan, as well as the following:

Pharaoh ants

Brown-banded cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches

Cat fleas and dog fleas

Drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies

Occasional Invaders
Asian beetles (lady bugs), clover mites, springtails, and stink bugs

Pantry Pests
Drugstore beetles, grain beetles, Indian meal moths, and rice weevils

Deer mice and roof rats

Brown recluse spiders and crab spiders

Stinging Insects
Baldfaced hornets, bumble bees, carpenter bees, paper wasps, and yellowjackets

Shield Premier Plus

Termishield’s most comprehensive plan, our Premier Plus plan offers protection against 50 common pests – plus termites! Termites are responsible for millions of dollars in home repairs every year, but Premier Plus provides everything you will need to keep your most important investment protected from these and other pests.

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At the beginning of each treatment, your service professional will conduct a thorough visual inspection of interior and exterior home and surrounding property. During this inspection, he or she will determine the pest status of your home and what actions need to be taken to get your home back to pest-free.

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After a thorough inspection, your service professional will administer the appropriate Shield Protection for your home to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent them in the future. During this service, he or she will perform interior treatments and preventative exterior treatments before addressing any site-specific issues identified during the initial inspection.

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Follow Up

We will make quarterly return visits to your home, perform a 22-point inspection, and provide documentation of services so that you know what’s happening in your home. Treatments focus on the exterior of the house to keep pests out; if there is an interior pest problem, the technician will perform necessary treatment.

Our Green Choice Pest Control Plan

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The team at Termishield is fiercely devoted to providing pest control solutions that are both safe for homes and for the environment around them, which is why we created our Green Choice option. Termishield uses botanical-based natural treatments with minimum risk factors as defined by the EPA. Our incredibly effective pest control services are tough on pests but harmless to the families they protect.

Keep Your Home Protected With Termishield

Don’t let pests interfere with your quality of life or the security of your home. Our highly-trained team can treat any pest problems you may be facing and keep you protected for the future. Trust Termishield for a pest-free home – guaranteed!

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