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Professional Pest Control Services In Goshen, IN

Goshen is an idyllic community that is known for its vehicle manufacturing as well as its small-town feel. With lots of opportunities for fun, such as the big 4-H fair every year, Goshen is a great place to settle down. If you’re a home or business owner in Goshen hoping to keep your investment protected, look no further than Termishield. We have all the tools and experience you need to get pests out of your Goshen home and keep them out.

Residential Pest Control In Goshen, IN

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Living in Goshen is nice, but common Indiana pests like insects and rodents are always on the hunt for new places to nest. If you’re not careful, your home could become a target. Termishield offers the following programs to homeowners:

  • Termishield Advantage. Covering 24 of the most common pests found in the region, the Termishield Advantage program is our basic service package designed to keep homeowners safe against the most likely culprits invading their homes. You’ll receive 4 quarterly visits as well as the peace of mind that your home is monitored and protected.

  • Termishield Premier. Termishield Premier service offers Goshen homeowners added coverage against an additional 26 pests found in the area - 50 total! This service package also includes specialty services such as rodent exclusion and a one-time mosquito treatment to help homes already suffering a pest infestation. Termishield Premier service provides effective protection against rodents, cockroaches, stinging insects, and other harmful home invaders.

  • Termishield Premier Plus. For the ultimate protection for your family as well as for you home’s foundations and structures, Termishield Premier Plus keeps you covered against 50 common invasive pests and forms a protective barrier around your home to keep termites out.

Don’t let pests turn your home into a nightmare, contact Termishield today for effective residential pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Goshen, IN

Are you a Goshen business owner? Pests in businesses scare off both customers and employees, and they can do irreparable damage to your brand. If you want to stay in business, its essential to eliminate any pest problems you may have and prevent future problems from occurring.

At Termishield, we have a long history of working with commercial clients to develop effective, customized solutions to their pest control needs. When you contact us for commercial pest control solutions, a technician will visit your property and conduct the following steps:

1. Complete a thorough inspection of the property for signs of pests or potential points of entry.

2. Work with you to develop a customized plan designed specifically for your business.

3. Implement the commercial treatment plan.

4. Document his or her findings so you can see what pest pressures were found in your business, what services were performed to address them, and what materials were used.

3 Signs House Mice Have Invaded Your Goshen, IN Home

Rodent infestations are an unfortunate reality for many Goshen residents. Their small size and keen ability to get into homes makes them difficult to stop. The brutal cold of winters in Indiana makes the warmth of your home appealing to these pests; however, because they’re nocturnal, many people with rodents in their homes don’t find out from seeing live mice and rats scurrying around but rather from the evidence they leave behind.

If you’re worried about mice getting into your home, keep on the lookout for these three warning signs:

  • Urine or droppings. Rodent waste is a sure sign that they’ve gotten into your house. The amount and size of fecal matter can even indicate the type of rodent and size of the infestation. These droppings are small, less than one quarter inch and pointed on both ends while urine leaves a strong musky odor wherever it is found. The more droppings found in a single area of the home, the more you can be certain you have a rodent problem there.

  • Holes and gnaw marks. Mice have incisors that are constantly growing. Therefore, they are always chewing and gnawing into anything they can find, including the walls and siding of your home. Check for gnawed mouse holes about the size of a dime as well as signs of gnawing on wood throughout the house.

  • Noises at night. Rodents are nocturnal, so if you have them in your house, night is when they’ll come out. If you’re hearing strange scratching or scurrying noises at night, especially in the kitchen or pantry, it’s likely you’ve got mice.

If you’ve seen one or all of these signs around your Goshen home, don’t wait: contact the rodent professionals at Termishield today to help take back your home from mice.

Benefits Of Real Estate Inspections In Goshen, IN

Termite damage inside homes is almost impossible to detect or stop on your own. If you’re buying or selling a home, having a WDO (Wood-destroying organism) inspection performed on the property is a necessity to ensure the safety and structural fortitude of the building. A WDO inspection will identify existing wood damage throughout the home as well as vulnerable areas where damage could occur. If damage is found, the inspector will be able to identify the organism that caused it.

The benefits of a WDO inspection include

  • enhanced methods used to find out which wood-destroying organisms have gotten inside, how much damage they’re causing, and what can be done to stop them.

  • advanced detection methods that allow inspectors to see exactly where WDOs are active so that they can isolate and target these areas.

  • safety measures to ensure your home isn’t damaged in the process of dealing with a WDO.

  • effective treatment of the organism in question following inspection.

Termites effect thousands of homeowners every year; don’t become victim to these pests! The team at Termishield can perform a complete complete real estate inspection of your home for any signs of WDOs, then perform thorough pest control on the area to ensure your property is never at risk. Make sure termites don't threaten the safety and security of your home; contact us today to request a real estate inspection!


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