The Trick To Keeping Mice Out Of Your South Bend Home


The Trick To Keeping Mice Out Of Your South Bend Home

Rodents are a lot harder to keep out of your home than most people realize. Mice, especially, can squeeze into tight spaces and hide from sight, thriving in the shadows while your property suffers. They also breed quickly and be tough to eliminate. Only by arming yourself with information and by turning to the pros can you hope to truly keep them out. 

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Mice: Common Home Invaders

Other than rats, mice are the most common home-invading rodent in the world. They are foraging pests that look for food, water, and shelter from the outdoors. You’re less likely to spot a mouse than you are to spot the signs of their activity; however, in the interest of knowing what to watch out for, here are some defining features of mice:

  • Mice are typically only a few inches long, most of that taken up by their long tails.

  • Most often, mice are gray or brown in color. Some can be white or golden-haired, however.

  • Mice have angular faces with large, circular ears right atop their heads.

The Dangers Of House Mice

If mice move in, they can quickly grow out of control and contribute to other problems around your home. Here are just some of them:

  • Rodents have front teeth that they must file down by gnawing on hard surfaces. This behavior causes marks all over your home, including chewed-through fabrics and wires.

  • Mice are known to carry and spread harmful diseases, including rabies and plague. Even if they aren’t infected themselves, they can also carry parasites that might carry diseases or cause other health problems.

  • Mice leave their droppings everywhere, and the brooding smells they make when they are nesting will also contribute to foul, musty odors.

  • All these problems are only made worse by the fact that mice can breed and mature incredibly quickly. A small rodent problem can quickly become a full-blown infestation.

  • Not only can their odors and potential diseases make you sick, the mere presence of mice in a home can cause worsened allergies or asthmatic attacks. This is especially true of people with existing health conditions.

Why Mice Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

Because people know how dangerous and disgusting they can be, homeowners often try to cut corners or take easy routes to try to prevent or control mice populations in South Bend. The problem is that mice can hide in the voids of your walls, in storage areas like crawlspaces, or even in ventilation shafts. You’re not likely to be able to reach these areas thoroughly with household means, which leaves you to try things like baits and traps. However, while these might kill a few mice, those methods do little to root out and eliminate the mice that are growing to replace them. Only through professional elimination methods can you get rid of mice, which means it’s smarter to turn to the experts long before rodents have a chance to make your house their home.

Total Protection From Termishield

To completely avoid a house mouse infestation, you need to enlist the help of pest professionals. At Termishield, we can start right away on an inspection of your home. We know all the places to check for rodents or signs of their activity. Even if problems aren’t spotted, we’ll implement proven prevention measures that make sure mice are never a problem for you. If mice are already there, it’s important to turn to the experts right away, before the problem grows into a dangerous one.

Don’t wait to get started on proper mouse control; contact Termishield right away to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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