Mice May Be Small, But They Can Cause Significant Problems In South Bend


Mice May Be Small, But They Can Cause Significant Problems In South Bend

"Big things come in small packages," or so the saying goes. And when it comes to mice, that's true. These pests, as tiny as they may be, are among the most dangerous to have in your home. Learn all about the dangers of mice below, and call Termishield when you need effective South Bend pest control.

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How To Spot A Mice Infestation In Your South Bend Home 

Mice are sneaky and cautious, two traits that can make spotting them tricky. However, if you pay close attention to your property, you'll soon discover that the signs of a mouse infestation are apparent. Keep your eyes peeled for these clues:

  • Piles of mouse droppings around your home

  • Bite marks on wires, wood, and plastic

  • Dirty tracks along the floor and baseboards

  • Scratching and squeals coming from the walls, floors, or ceilings

A mouse infestation will only worsen with time, so call Termishield at the first sign of trouble. We'll work fast to inspect and treat your home, inside and out, for the most complete pest control in Indiana. 

Problems Mice Cause In South Bend

What makes mice so dangerous? For starters, they exhibit destructive behavior in man-made structures. From chewing up furniture and wires to shredding insulation and paper products, mice will wreak damage all over your property, causing structural damage and fire hazards. 

Mice are also prolific disease carriers; despite what you may think, they don't need to touch you to spread sickness. Any surface they touch becomes contaminated by their filthy fur, as does the air when exposed to their urine and feces. Some diseases mice carry or cause include:

  • Leptospirosis

  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM)

  • Rate-bite fever

Mice put you at severe risk but treating your home shouldn't. That's why Termishield technicians utilize a unique Green Option to rid your property of pests. This natural treatment will stop an infestation without hurting you or your pets.  

Three Things You Can Do To Prevent Mice In South Bend

Once mice move into your home, you'll find that they multiply quickly. What starts as a problem in your attic can soon take over the house when left unchecked. The best way to stop such a scenario is to be proactive about pest prevention. Here are some tips on how to keep mice away:

  • Repair cracks and holes in your home's exterior, patch window screens, and install covers for pipes and gutters. All of these can lead a mouse into your home. Don't ignore small openings; they can fit through holes a quarter of an inch in diameter.

  • Properly store food by using air-tight containers. Remember, mice can make short work of plastic and cardboard. If they smell food, they'll do anything to get to it.

  • Remove long or overhanging branches near your home. The more distance you can put between your home and trees and bushes, the better defended your home will be. 

Many factors can attract mice to your home. We'll help you identify them on your property so you can make the changes needed to keep yourself (and your property) safe.

Why Many Homeowners Turn To Rodent Control Professionals

Many homeowners only turn to professional mouse control services after store-bought and DIY methods fail. In truth, treatments from certified professionals are the most effective way to eliminate pests. You can save yourself your time and frustration by coming to Termishield at the first signs of problems.

Our company dedicates itself to bringing the best customer service to South Bend. We know it's about more than using proven pest control products and methods; it's about understanding and addressing your concerns. Let us show you what we mean. Call today to schedule your inspection. We look forward to working with you!

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