What To Do About Stink Bugs Around Your South Bend Home


What To Do About Stink Bugs Around Your South Bend Home

If you’ve encountered stink bugs around your home and you’re not sure how they got there or what you can do about them, don’t fear. Pest control in South Bend from the expert team at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection can help. We provide homeowners with ongoing services that are targeted at stink bugs and the factors that attract them. Please enjoy the following quick guide for some helpful hints and if you’re ready to enlist our services or have any questions, please call us today.

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How To Identify A Stink Bug

Stink bugs resemble a shield in shape, but may also appear as oval-shaped as well. They also have very long, straight antennae and three sets of angular legs. The stink bug is a combination of shades of gray, black, and brown, and they have an eclectic pattern on their exterior and antennae as well. Stink bugs also have a distinct set of wings and are very skilled flyers. You can also identify stink bugs based on the odor that they give off, which may resemble saffron or other spices. If you detect stink bugs around your home, contact Termishield Termite & Pest Protection for stink bug removal today, because they will not go away on their own.

Why You Don't Want Stink Bugs Hanging Around Your Home

If you think that having stink bugs loiter around your home is going to be a mere nuisance, think again. As the name suggests, stink bugs give off a very strong, unpleasant odor as a direct result of feeling threatened. They secrete these chemicals as a defense mechanism, and while some people say that they smell like strong herbs, other people find the smell more difficult to handle.

Additionally, you don’t want stink bugs around your South Bend home because they will deplete the nutrients from your greenery. They will ruin ornamental plants and fruit trees as well and because they don’t have any predators, stink bugs can continue to populate unless you intervene. For more information on getting rid of the stink bugs in South Bend, call Termishield Termite & Pest Protection today. 

Factors That Attract Stink Bugs To Your Home

Stink bugs are primarily lured to the presence of sweet trees, plants, and other greenery, which they need in order to survive. They are also attracted to reflective surfaces, moisture and leaks, overly ripe fruit, and other stink bugs. Stink bugs actually give off pheromones in order to attract others to your home. You may also find stink bugs inside of your home if you have gaps around doors and windows as well loose entry points throughout your foundation. They can fit through almost any crevice that they find, and will also take advantage of spaces like wall voids. One of the main factors that draws stink bugs inside your home in the first place is when they are seeking warmer temperatures as the conditions outside begin to cool down. If you’ve discovered stink bugs in your home, call Termishield Termite & Pest Protection today for stink bug extermination. 

The Best Way To Eliminate A Stink Bug Infestation

Stink bugs are a nuisance pest that can make daily life difficult, along with the unpleasant odors that they emit. Rather than try to live with these pests, enlist the help of the pest professionals at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection for complete stink bug removal in South Bend. Our company has been working with local homeowners since 2007, and we continue to evolve and learn to this day.

We believe that comprehensive pest control solutions from trained professionals are the best way to eliminate stink bugs and other common South Bend pests, which is why we include treatments for them in our residential pest control programs. These recurring services are designed to both eliminate and prevent stink bugs so that homeowners can regain peace of mind. We follow a 22-point inspection at every visit, and we always use the highest quality products during our treatments; we even guarantee the results. For more information on our residential and commercial pest control services in South Bend, call us today.

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