How To Identify And Get Rid Of A Termite Infestation In Your South Bend Home


How To Identify And Get Rid Of A Termite Infestation In Your South Bend Home

Indiana is one of the more humid states, and humidity and warm weather increase the chances that termites and other pests will like the area. That is why pest control in South Bend focuses mainly on year-round prevention and treatment instead of just spring and summer treatment plans.

March to June is the time of year that the subterranean termites are seen swarming around, but those pesky insects are not the only species of termite, and spring is not the only time of the year they are causing damage. 

Termites in your home are one of the biggest fears of most homeowners. We know these tiny insects are usually discovered once they have already begun to damage and compromise the structure. Learning how to identify the insects and what effective prevention methods will help you make termites the least of your worries.

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How To Identify Signs Of Termites

Termites attack your home by eating away at the structural wood used to frame the house. To prevent these pests from doing irreparable damage, homeowners must be on the lookout for evidence that termites are present.

  • Early warning signs of termites include:
  • Seeing a group or swarm of insects outside.
  • Finding wings shed from flying termites around your door.
  • Finding damaged wood that sounds hollow when you thump it.

It is best to act quickly to prevent severe wood damage when you see signs of termites. DIY treatments are ineffective, wasting your time and money and giving the termites time to do more damage. Prevention methods work, but they must be used before the termites start living in your house. Professional termite treatment services are the only way to ensure termites leave and never return.

Why Termites Infest Wooden Structures

Termites are attracted to wooden structures because they provide the diet they need to survive. A termite eats cellulose, which is plentiful in wood. When a termite chews on the wood, they extract the cellulose-rich nutrients that make them healthy.

Avoiding termite damage to your South Bend home will require you to prevent the insects from excessing the wood and stop the existing termites before they have time to do real damage. The only way to do this is to employ preventive measures and partner with professionals for termite removal and treatment.

Why DIY Termite Control Can Do More Harm Than Good

We all like to save money everywhere that we can. When fighting termites in your home, you may be tempted to try a DIY treatment because you think you will save some money. The truth is that DIY treatments will likely do more harm than good, and you will have to call in professional help. 

Why is termite control using DIY methods, not the best option? These treatments often cost more than calling a professional, and they give you a false sense of security and provide the termite population time to grow. Because most termites work out of sight in hidden areas, DIY methods fail to address the entire colony, allowing it to grow larger. These methods also often contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health or dangerous if misused.

If you want to do some things that will reduce the cost of handling termite infestations around your home, utilize termite prevention tips like repairing all leaky faucets, keeping wood from making contact with dirt, and properly ventilating your attic and crawlspace.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Home

If you do not want termites taking over your home, take action as soon as you see any evidence of termites. Do not hesitate to contact Termishield once you see termite signs in your South Bend home. Let us remove these destructive unwanted guests.

With over twenty-five years of pest control experience, Termishield has the knowledge, tools, and treatments to prevent termites in your South Bend home. Request a free inspection today.

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