How Can Rodent Control Services In South Bend Help With My Mouse Problem


How Can Rodent Control Services In South Bend Help With My Mouse Problem

As one of the largest locations in Indiana, South Bend is rich in culture, landscape views, and people. However, this also means it is rich in rodents, as many pests seem to take up residence in dense populations. One of the worst offenders in South Bend is mice. No matter how cute or charismatic movies make mice out to be, the real deal will leave you with a real headache! Read on to learn how Termishield Termite & Pest Protection can help with rodent control in your South Bend home.

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Mice Are Not Nice

Mice in South Bend are a prevalent problem pest, as they breed often and are plentiful. These tiny, brown, wild mice are typically two to three inches in size. While they might look round and plump, they can squeeze into the smallest of holes. Due to their ability to multiply and push into these small spaces, an infestation can become very dangerous to your home.

Dealing with oversized, giant mice might be easier in comparison to the actual tiny terrors they are. Wild mice can cause extensive damage to your property over time. Often, because of their sneaky nature, you won’t immediately see the damage mice can cause. As such, things like wires could be critically damaged before you realize it.

The Monsters Make Terrible Houseguest

When you start seeing the signs of mice living in your home, you shouldn’t wait around. The longer you wait to get rid of mice in your home, the harder it will be. These rodents settle in and make themselves at home. Don’t let your residence in the South Bend area fall prey to overpopulating monsters.

A few of the reasons mice are so tough to eliminate are as follows:

  • Mice can chew through almost anything (A wall or a pipe won’t stop them)
  • Mice are people shy (They will run and hide if you are near)
  • Mice can squeeze through the tightest holes around your home (If it’s bigger than 3/8th of an inch… it’s a door)
  • Mice have a degree of cleverness fueled by necessity (They will find a way in or they will make one)

Because of their adaptability, be they small or giant mice, they can be difficult to deal with.

Mouse Trap Is A Dangerous Game

If you see signs of mice and decide to hit it head-on, you should be cautious. There are many different ways to handle an infestation, but not all of them work, and not all of them are entirely safe. Many people assume that the easiest way is by setting snap traps or leaving poison blocks out. While these types of traps can eventually get rid of mice, there are many downsides. 

The most prevalent is safety. Using a snap-trap can be tricky to set up. You have to watch where you put it, so no one gets clipped, but you also have to make sure you don’t get snapped while setting it up. These traps are meant to kill mice by crushing them in one snap. Therefore, it has the potential to break your fingers if you’re not careful.

A poison block or tainted food used to entice these rodents can also be a hazard. If you have a pet, this form of trap could prove fatal to them instead of the intended target. The same could be said of a small child with wandering hands. Leaving poison to sit around and hope for the best is not efficient pest control for rats and mice in your home.

Turn To Our Team Today!

When it comes to the most effective and efficient pest control for rats and mice, there is only one call you need to make. Contact our team at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection to put a stop to your home infestation. 

You will find that we carry out our pest services in the safest of ways. At Termishield Termite & Pest Protection we pride ourselves on being professional. Our team will always provide honest and fair work to bring you peace of mind. 

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