Stink Bug Prevention 101: How To Keep Your South Bend Home Stink Bug-Free


Stink Bug Prevention 101: How To Keep Your South Bend Home Stink Bug-Free

Stink bugs are odd-looking insects that usually invade homes in large groups. If you see one of these bugs inside your house, your first instinct might be to step on them, but if you do, you will likely start smelling a strong and foul odor in your home. 

At Termishield, we provide professional stink bug pest control in South Bend and know how to keep these creepy-looking bugs away from your property. Here is a look at some of the basic and easy steps that you can take to keep your property stink bug-free. 

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Why Stink Bugs Are A Major Nuisance For South Bend Homes

Many South Bend homeowners look forward to the cooler autumn months. However, with colder temperatures, many bugs will use this time to find a warm place to stay during the winter. The stink bug is one type that becomes more active in September and October. Usually, during this time of year, many homeowners will start to see these bugs gathering on the sides of their homes or outdoor storage buildings. They will typically pick a side in direct sunlight throughout the day. 

If they can feel the warm air inside your home, they will look for cracks or crevices that they can squeeze their small bodies through. Usually, they invade homes in large numbers. While they are not known to bite or spread any dangerous diseases, having several stink bugs roaming through your house can be an annoying problem to have. If you see stink bugs in your home, contact a stink bug exterminator near you as soon as possible. Stink bugs emit a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened. If you try to handle the problem yourself, you could have that odd-smelling substance in your house. 

Stink Bugs: Nuisance Or Dangerous?

Stink bugs aren't known to be dangerous to humans or pets. They aren't able to bite, sting, or cause you any pain whatsoever. However, they can ruin certain fruits and vegetables in your garden. 

If they come inside your home, they can be a significant nuisance. It is rare for a homeowner to find just one stink bug in their house. Instead, you will likely find a dozen or more of these annoying bugs. Because they emit a strong odor when crushed, the best way to get rid of these bugs is to vacuum them up with a vacuum cleaner or call an experienced stink bug control specialist. 

Stink Bug Management Made Easy: Tips For South Bend Homeowners

Throughout the years, our stink bug exterminators have dealt with stink bug infestations of all severities. Some of the most helpful preventative tips that we have learned along the way include:

  • Keep your home cool and dry on the inside. Make sure that there are no leaks or clogged drains inside your home. 
  • Don't leave the outdoor lights on all night. If you do leave Your lights on, consider using yellow bulbs. 
  • Make sure that all pantry food is inaccessible to a stink bug. Put your chips, cereals, and other pantry foods in a sealable container. 

Stink bugs can sneak into your home through some of the smallest gaps and cracks around your house. Make sure to seal any potential entry point f. If you aren't sure how stink bugs are getting into your house, contact a local stink bug exterminator to thoroughly inspect your home. 

The Solution To Stink Bug Activity In South Bend

At Termishield, we know how to prevent stink bugs from taking over your South Bend home. Give us a call today to see how our experienced stink bug exterminators can help you.

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