Help! I Can’t Seem To Keep Mice Out Of My South Bend Home


Help! I Can’t Seem To Keep Mice Out Of My South Bend Home

An indoor mouse sighting can be a scary thing for both Indiana homeowners and their guests. If “help, I can’t seem to keep mice out of my South Bend home” has been uttered, then it’s time to address the problem. Contacting our associates at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection can be the one and only step needed to control South Bend mouse issues.

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All About The House Mouse

Don’t be fooled by cute, pet-like illustrations found in some children’s books; these creatures can be one of the most common pests found invading homes. Colors vary, but fur is generally brown, gray, or tan with an ivory-colored belly. House mice have whiskers, two dark eyes, and ears that may seem too large for their size.

These rodents have coexisted with humans for centuries. While they can technically forage and survive independently, they have developed a dependency on what humans provide: food, shelter, and warmth. The human home can make a much comfier haven than an open field.  

The Problems With Mice In South Bend

Having mice in your South Bend residence can equate to big problems for Indiana homeowners. The house mouse can contaminate food and cause salmonellosis. Rat-bite fever is also a risk with these pests. Additionally, the waste of mice can lead to allergies in young people and worsen both asthmatic and allergic symptoms in chronic sufferers.

Mice can chew up all sorts of housing materials like vinyl, drywall, plastic, insulation, and wiring. Such damages can then create a fire hazard within the household, and worst of all, residents may not even be aware of the danger.

It may not be too difficult to capture one mouse, but it could prove insurmountable if the home is overrun with these pests. The house mouse can readily adapt to surroundings and can adjust behaviors if needed. Mommy mice can produce dozens of babies; more babies mean more nests, and more nests mean more messes.

Preventing Mice In Indiana Homes

Avoid screaming, “help, I can’t seem to keep mice out of my South Bend home!” Implement a few sound strategies that can prove effective in deterring mice:

  • Block Access: Walk around the home’s exterior; look for gaps or holes that mice can use to enter the premises. Openings as big as a dime or larger should be filled with caulk. The same goes for cracks that an ink pen can fit inside.

  • Dispose Of Trash: Keep garbage in closed cans throughout the home. Frequently combine household trash and empty into a receptacle outside that has a firmly closing lid.

  • Keep Things Tidy: If at all possible, try to eliminate clutter or at least minimize it. Frequently clean up once the food is prepared, meals are served, and snacks are eaten. Disinfect countertops, wipe down surfaces, sweep, and mop. Vacuum regularly.

  • Seal Up Food: Deter mice from corrupting food by storing it in containers with lids that snap shut. Forgo using boxes or bags to store food in, as mice can easily chew through these materials. Opt for metal, glass, or heavy-duty plastic instead.

Send Mice Packing For Good

Once a mice infestation occurs, it can be futile to try and evict these rodents from the home. The house mouse is a true survivor and a prolific breeder making it a serious pest. Instead of yelling, “help, I can’t seem to keep mice out of my South Bend home,” contact the professionals at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection. We offer a choice of home pest control plans and botanically-based treatments.

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