Why Termites Invade South Bend Homes & What You Can Do About It


Why Termites Invade South Bend Homes & What You Can Do About It

There is certainly one obvious reason why termites will invade your South Bend home. Termites feed on wood. If you have wood inside your home, then these insects may decide to feed on that wood. But this isn't the only reason termites invade. There are factors that can make a home more at risk for termite damage. If you're not aware of them, you've come to the right place. Today, we're going to talk about the risk factors and what you can do about the threat of termite damage.

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If you have a damp perimeter around your home, you will attract termites. The termites we battle in our area are subterranean termites. Subterranean termite swarmers are drawn to moisture because the humidity promises to provide their offspring with a suitably moist habitat. This can lead to nest creation near your South Bend home. Subterranean termite workers are drawn to a damp perimeter because they need moisture to survive.

Wood Rot

Moisture and wood rot typically go hand in hand. If you have a moisture issue, it is likely that you have wood rot on your home. This can lead to trouble with subterranean termites in South Bend. But there are other ways wood rot can attract termites. If you bury wood in your yard, it will be a beacon for termite workers. If you have stumps, logs, or trees with heart rot, these can attract termites. If you have a decaying wood fence, or some other wooden structure that is aged, you're inviting a termite infestation. While a colony is feeding on rotting wood on your property, they can be feeding on your home at the same time.

Wood-To-Soil Contact

If the wood of your home touches the soil, you increase your risk of a serious home termite infestation. Worker termites can go from the soil directly into your home without giving you any warning signs, if they hit a spot that touches the soil. This can allow them to feed on your property for years without being detected. Subterranean termites are the sneakiest of all termites, costing U.S. property owners billion annually.  

Foundation Cracks

Subterranean termite workers build mud tubes up into the cracks of boulders. When workers meet the foundation of your home, they can work their way up into a crack, just as they would a boulder, and eventually into the wood of your home. If this happens, they can feed on the wood inside your home completely undetected.

You Don't Have Termite Protection

When it comes to risk factors, there is one that you have complete control over. A home that doesn't have professional termite protection is at greater risk of termite damage. The reality of termite damage is that it can be prevented. Unfortunately, many people don't think to do anything about termites until it is too late. One reason some residents in South Bend neglect to get termite protection is that they think their home insurance policy will cover termite damage. This is not the case. If termites damage your home, you'll be left holding the bill.

How To Get Protected

Take control of your future. Don't let subterranean termites eat away at your retirement savings or your future home sale. Protect your investment by investing in professional termite-damage prevention. At Termishield, we support property owners in South Bend, Indiana with industry-leading bait and termiticide solutions. Reach out to us today and let us guide you toward the right solution for your needs and budget. We're here to help you protect your home and health from the hidden dangers pests, like subterranean termites, can present.

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