How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My South Bend Home?

July 15, 2021

Bed bugs can infest anywhere; they are not just for dirty homes. So don't be fooled in thinking that if you keep a clean home, you're in the clear when it comes to bed bugs. Adult bed bugs in South Bend measure approximately ¼ inch long and resemble an appleseed, while their nymphs measure a mere 1/20 inch. Talk about hard to spot! 

Bed bugs require blood to thrive and they are not the most discerning pest either. They can and will feed on nearly any warm-blooded mammal, meaning that no one is safe from their bites. Many humans have experienced being bitten by bed bugs in their sleep, as beds are of course one of their main hiding spots. 

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Where Bed Bugs Lurk

Bed bugs are sneaky little buggers. They find their way into your South Bend home by latching onto a variety of items such as clothes, used furniture, or suitcases, allowing them to travel great distances with ease. Also known as “hitchhikers,” they are parasitic and advantageous. Once bed bugs have moved inside your home, they often thrive undetected because they are tiny, can be mistaken for other insects, and, simply due to their nature of hiding inside things, you may never actually see them. Here are a few ways to prevent bed bugs in your South Bend home:

  • Vacuum frequently to remove any insects that may have broken through the perimeter to your home. When one set of insects makes it in, it is easier to attract a slew of others.

  • Use protective coverings for mattresses and box springs to eliminate many hiding spots, and make sure it’s light in color, which will make spotting an infestation easier on the eyes. This also creates a barrier between you and any potential bed bugs. If you spot any discoloration or see any actual bed bugs, you should dispose of the mattress and covering swiftly. Do not uncover the bed to dispose of it.

  • Keep a hygienic home and reduce clutter wherever possible. This will strip bed bugs of their many hiding spots. 

    Inspect second-hand furniture, mattresses, couches, and appliances meticulously before bringing them into your home.

  • Cover up your power outlets as bed bugs use them to avoid extermination. They will climb into the outlet holes and hide there until it is safe to move elsewhere. They also tend to travel through electrical lines.

  • Store your clothing in vacuum sealed bags. This is also a good tip if you are staying in hotels, as this is also a common place to pick up bed bugs and easily transport them back into your home.

The Issue With Second-Hand Furniture

One of the most common ways that bed bugs get inside your South Bend home is through the purchasing of second-hand furniture. And while this is how many Americans come about the furniture and decorations in their homes, it should be noted that it can cause issues like bed bugs. When purchasing second-hand furniture and appliances, be on the lookout for some of the following things:

  • Ask where the furniture has been stored. If furniture has been kept in a storage unit, beware, this is where most infestations occur.

  • Look for any bed bug excrement, staining, shed skin, or a musty odor.

  • Inspect the furniture or appliances thoroughly and with protective gear.

  • Clean any furniture and appliances thoroughly before bringing them into your home and preferably before transporting them.

Bed bugs are a pest that can be extremely hard to prevent. If you do end up with bed bugs in your home, call the professionals at Termishield Termite & Pest Protection right away. 

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