What It Means If You're Seeing Flying Termites Around Your South Bend Home


What It Means If You're Seeing Flying Termites Around Your South Bend Home

Residents of South Bend are fully aware of the problems that pests like termites can cause on their property and homes. Termites serve the purpose of helping things decompose at a faster rate, but when these insects focus on your home instead of decaying wood outside the house, then they can cause problems.

Termites are not just a problem in Indiana; every state has to deal with these insects and the damage they can do. Professional pest control in South Bend is the only way to get rid of termites once they have moved in.

Swarms of insects can be one of the earliest indications that they are present. Swarms of flying insects do not mean termites every time. South Bend is home to some bugs that look like termites, so identifying the insect is vital if you effectively prevent them from moving in or damaging your home. You do not want to get worried about termites because you have seen some mayflies in your yard.

termite swarmers crawling in a wood wall

How To Identify A Flying Termite

Just because you see an insect flying around an old rotten tree stump does not mean termites are about to eat you out of your house and home, but it could be an indication that an infestation is nearby. Flying termites are known as "swarmers," because they generally swarm together as a group. Termites are ordinarily creamy white to brown, about half an inch in length, and appear long and have oval-shaped bodies.

Do not panic or assume the worst when you notice flying termites around your property. Use the identification methods listed above to confirm the insects' presence, and then ensure all the prevention methods are in place. You can prevent termite swarmers from doing damage and make them choose another location to set up housekeeping.

Termite Swarmers Don't Necessarily Mean You Have An Infestation

You know how to identify the termite from other flying insects, but you still do not have to panic at seeing them. Just because you see them outside does not mean they have burrowed into the wood and are living with you, but they may be investigating your property in order to set up a new colony.

Swarmer termites near your South Bend home indicate that a group of adult insects have left their colony and are searching for a place to build their home. If you see termite wings around your doors or windows, you can feel confident that the insects have entered your property.

Factors That Attract Flying Termites To Your Home

Your South Bend home does not have to become a termite breeding ground. There are effective methods of making these insects feel unwelcome. By identifying the things that attract termites, you can then take action and implement termite prevention tips to end your termite concerns.

A few factors that attract termites include:

  • Rotten wood and decaying tree stumps
  • Damp areas from leaky plumbing
  • Lights around your doors
  • Wood making contact with soil
  • Humid conditions inside the home

Creating a barrier between the foundation of your home and the soil surrounding the home, or the mulch in your flower bed, will significantly reduce the chance of active termites around the house. The main goal is to make it hard for the insects to get to your wood, and they will then fly away and attack the wood somewhere else.

Contact The Pros About Termite Swarmers Around Your Home

Don't waste time or money trying DIY products or ideas that are supposed to eradicate termites. The only proven South Bend termite control method is to have professional services identify the species and treat them accordingly.

Living with a termite problem does not have to be part of your future. You can take actions that will remove present insects and prevent future infestations. Let us remedy the problem for you. Reach out to us at Termishield to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in South Bend.

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